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Service and repair for WREN

Lots of miles so far on this trip and three oil changes.  I think it is important to keep the engine happy.   Maintaining good tire pressure is also important.  But today I will talk about a minor problem and the  result.

When traveling, we use a lot of electronic devices: iPhones, iPads, computers, fit bits, backup-up camera and Tom-Tom.  Thus a lot of use of the cigarette device on the dash.  Thursday when I was switching devices I noticed the lighter was loose, and then it no longer would work.  Need to fix because we are back on the road Saturday.  I stopped at B—e —-ers and asked if this is something they could fix.  After looking at the problem he said yes and then spent 15 minutes figuring out how much to charge for this service.  The part cost was about $6.00 plus labor.

I said OK if you can do it in the next hour. When I returned, the job was done, and the device did work or sort-of.

After I left the repair shop, I stopped at a auto part store and purchased a multiple adapter (3), which also had a usb port.

I’m ready to travel now with a very important addition to satisfy our electronic needs.


I’m Back

So busy being a tourist, no time to write about what we are doing.

We had a great time with Kate and David Johnson in Blaine, MN.  They treated us very well, but Lady Bess even better.  They were constantly giving her a snack or a select piece of steak or fish.  We had some good meals with them, with the local fish, one of Dave’s walleye as the standout, and they shared some of the cooking duties.

We watched the second debate together, men in one room and women in the other.  We will keep our opinions to ourselves. David was very helpful in getting me to a tire store for a tire rotation and to check out one slow leak. No solution- more about that later. We also tried to top off the propane tank. I’m still learning how all this works.




Traveling with Jerry and Jill

By Bess

OK , we have been on the road for a month.  A nice stay at Trout House with my daughter Jenny and Flora, both beautiful springers too.  Good morning walks and some food droppings on the kitchen floor help stave off the hunger.  Then a few days at Lake Dunmore while Jill was hiking with her friend Beth.

Then off to Newark, NY, to spend a couple of days with Jerry’s Aunt Helen.  She was very nice to me as she once owned a Springer named Patsy.  We also spent some time with Kit and Bill for dinner, then time at their new apartment.

Heading West through Ohio and then on to Wisconsin to visit Jill’s cousins John and Bob, plus their wives Gail and Jane.  I really enjoyed the cats there and the pond with the ducks.  They also had some weird looking chickens.

Northern Wisconsin was next with a trip to see Lynn and her cats Tommy and Chloe.  Lynn was in Afghanistan with Jill in the Peace Corps in the early 70’s.  Lots of great cat food there, and Lynn always provided a fresh snack when I scratched at the door in the early morning.

More to come later, traveling can be exhausting..


Lady Bestonimg_4495







Driving route 90 in Ohio was flat, long and boring.  That is until we reached the  the area around Cleveland.  I was driving then and very quickly it became White Knuckle time.  Lots and lots of cars racing home or wherever people go during rush hour.  It should have been an easy go but we had selected for our destination  Findly State Park that was 15 miles south on route 58.

A truly nice spot and just a few miles from Oberlin where we stopped for coffee  the  morning on main street. Then a walk around the Oberlin Campus and a look at the college that was established in 1833.

The weather has been perfect and today looks to be more of the same.  We arrive later today in Ludington, Michigan on the lake, then a ferry ride tomorrow on the Badger.



Button Bay State Park 9/1-9/2

We pulled into the park in the late afternoon and found our site.  It was very green, sunny and fairly close to Lake Champlain.  It seemed a little empty for a Labor Day weekend but it filled up fairly quickly.

I watched a guy pull in next to us and place his camper just so, to take advantage of the view.  He immediately got right to work rolling out the carpet, placing the chairs just so,  changing the angle of the picnic table, and cranking down the awning.  Once he was finished, I walked over and introduced my self, to Roger and Dannielle.  That’s what it said on their little house sign, with drawing of him on a motorcycle and her knitting.  Roger said come back later for glass of wine.

Testing and adjusting

We are now at Branbury State Park just south of Middlebury on rt 7.  Weather has been sunny and dry until last evening.

I have finally figured out the operation of the refrigerator.  When I filled the propane tank last week they added too much air, once I purged the tank everything got much better.  The food and beer is now staying cold.

My new problem is the Onan generator.    Runs great but the microwave and outlets are not working.  Looking for help or a You Tube video.

Off to garage in Burlington tomorrow for new tires and shocks. More later


We are finally legal

Such a run to get a Vermont sticker.  Wren seems to be in good shape, but there was a frayed front passenger seatbelt.   What to do, what to do, the local shop said they could have replaced it in two days.  That didn’t happen. The belt was wrong and they had to start over.  Meanwhile,  my neighbor Liane who is the co-owner, was at the shop and we had a talk.  I think she pushed them into high gear to fix this problem.  The service manger called me back the next day and said he had the part and to come in early for the best service.  I did and we have the state sticker to travel across the USA.  I finished up by taking them a box of cookies from the CK Cafe in Vergennes.  They smiled and I smiled. End of story.

Getting Ready

OK.  Off to the car shop for state inspection and emission test.  They say everything looks good but there is a slight tear on the seatbelt, not sure how this happens with just 30,000 miles on the clock.  So they want to order a new seatbelt and it will be here on  Friday.  So, then they tell me that if they make a mistake with the order I have to eat it.  I say, that doesn’t seem right. and I go home.  They call me 2 hours later and say the need the numbers off the seat belt and the locking unit.  I use iPhoto on my Apple phone and send them 3 photos.  Friday has passed and not contact, I will call them on Monday and check out the checkers and try to push them along.  Remember I am checking out of this place and will have no fixed address on September 1st.

On a brighter note I had the local service man here today to walk me through the procedure to operate all the gas driven appliances.  I now can operate the gas stove, run the refrigerator with propane gas, and even turn on the device for hot water. He checked all the fitting for leaks and everything is ready to go.  We do have a small drip on a hot water valve and I will have that cleaned or replaced next week.

The tires look good but they are old.  I am researching the best tire to use and the proper tire pressure for front and rear.  Most are saying 60-65 on front and 80 on the rear.  It is very important to keep absolute numbers to avoid porpoising.  Which is kind of like surging right or left as you go down the highway.  It is also important to have the RV weighed and make sure your cargo is evenly placed for a balanced load.  Lots of stuff to learn to make an enjoyable trip.

Jill and I spent the morning cleaning all the cupboards and surface areas.  Jill worked on the inside and I washed out all the outside storage areas and cleaned all the door frames.  The RV has a fresh sparkle, but most of that is because it almost looked brand new when we purchased it.

We are filling.  Everything looks the storage water areas and getting ready to empty the gray and black water storage areas.  We have used a special ingredient to clean the sensors to help give an accurate reading of our on board storage.  Everything looks good.  Time will tell……..




Let me introduce Wren

Jud400-8-19-2016  Finally, finally after 40 plus days and lots of e-mails to RVT sites in many states, plus Road Trek list, plus browsing and finally craigslist which I searched by state, EUREKA.  Sending endless e-mails to people from New York to Florida and lots of states in between, we landed on a craigslist site for New Hampshire and found a Road Trek we liked. Her name is WREN……

She is a 2005 Road Trek 190 Popular, an older unit with lots of good care and very low mileage.  The van is pristine and ready for a major trip to the Southwest and an extended stay on the west coast this fall and winter with lots of side trips to family and friends.

My thoughts will change with time, but for now we are ready to face this new experience.  Come and join us and share your thoughts as we share our diary and photos of this great adventure.



Hello world!

Away We Go