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Back to Camping

After five nights in a three-bedroom camp with cousins from New York, we headed back to Vermont from Hague, NY. Friend Beth joined us for six days for hiking. We had time after moving to Branbury State Park to hike into Silver Lake, Moosalamoo Wilderness Area. Half-way back I realized I’d left my hiking poles by the water. Three days later I still have not hiked back up to get them! That’s how busy we are.

Silver Lake, Moosalamoo Wilderness, Addison County VT

Silver Lake, Moosalamoo Wilderness, Addison County VT

Predicted rainfall did not begin until we were back at campsite. In our fist go at setting up Wren’s canopy, we were slow. Picnic table and benches got wet as did Beth putting up her tent. Bess was already wet from her dip in the brook along the trail. When we finally were under cover, the light rain ceased. Good practice.

We are finally legal

Such a run to get a Vermont sticker.  Wren seems to be in good shape, but there was a frayed front passenger seatbelt.   What to do, what to do, the local shop said they could have replaced it in two days.  That didn’t happen. The belt was wrong and they had to start over.  Meanwhile,  my neighbor Liane who is the co-owner, was at the shop and we had a talk.  I think she pushed them into high gear to fix this problem.  The service manger called me back the next day and said he had the part and to come in early for the best service.  I did and we have the state sticker to travel across the USA.  I finished up by taking them a box of cookies from the CK Cafe in Vergennes.  They smiled and I smiled. End of story.

Tidy Toes

Whew. It’s end of a long hot day in Vermont slated for thorough wiping down of Wren’s interior. There are a lot of crooks and crannies built in for storage, and I’m now familiar with them all. Leaving the cupboard doors open to help the spaces dry didn’t make avoiding slight injuries from corners and edges easier. I’m still learning how to be in this compact space.

The sink and toilet sparkle, gas stove is working, refrigerator is cold, and storage spaces are ready for our belongings. There’s a smell I don’t like, so each day we open all windows and doors and turn on the overhead fan to see if it’s simply a mustiness accumulated over months and years of storage. All the tanks have been flushed so it’s not stagnant water.

Five days until we move out of our house and into Wren. Still thinking we’ll all be ready for this.

Living in a Material World

Given Wren’s size, we’re going to be living less in “the material world” and more in the wear-it-again and again world. Looking forward to that challenge.

Let me introduce Wren

Jud400-8-19-2016  Finally, finally after 40 plus days and lots of e-mails to RVT sites in many states, plus Road Trek list, plus browsing and finally craigslist which I searched by state, EUREKA.  Sending endless e-mails to people from New York to Florida and lots of states in between, we landed on a craigslist site for New Hampshire and found a Road Trek we liked. Her name is WREN……

She is a 2005 Road Trek 190 Popular, an older unit with lots of good care and very low mileage.  The van is pristine and ready for a major trip to the Southwest and an extended stay on the west coast this fall and winter with lots of side trips to family and friends.

My thoughts will change with time, but for now we are ready to face this new experience.  Come and join us and share your thoughts as we share our diary and photos of this great adventure.



Hello world!

Away We Go

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