The photos show the quantity I packed and what fits into into deep overhead bin above one bed. This is for three seasons and nine months.

Jill's closet
There are four categories: hiking, biking, yoga, and the rest of life. Biking shoes are in a plastic bin beside my bed with chako sandals; hiking boots and sneakers are under the bed along with biking helmet.
For warmth there are tights, a light-wt. fleece, fleece vest, light wt. Gortex jacket and heavier wt. one, both rainproof. Winter hat, light and heavier wt. gloves and biking sleeves also.
Inventory includes: 3 pairs pants, 1 pr. hiking shorts, 1 pr. capris, 1 pr. chef pants; 4 wick-off long-sleeve shirts, 2 cotton t-necks, 3 short sleeve shirts – 2 sports, 1 casual, 2 sleeveless yoga tops, Long Trail cap and khaki hat, cotton nightie, underwear, socks and 4 bandanas.
The bin is deep and thin, so items in the back are in a large plastic bag, which I can easily pull forward to reach into. A small cooler, top stored in galley, holds small items and sits in front of bin at the opening. There’s room for washcloth, when dry, and small towel in front part of the compartment too.

The basics