Some cities are reusing gray water, so perhaps that is why we are now buying water at a dispensary like this one outside the water store in Santa Cruz. I first noticed the chemical taste when we stayed overnight in Santa Barbara, which does reuse water. Then met the same unpleasant taste in Santa Cruz. I was advised not to drink the tap water and shown where to buy a sturdy 3 gallon container and steam-distilled water.

Not sure of the process, but the taste is great and the price is .60/gallon. It’s cheaper at the grocery store. Never thought I’d be buying water and have spoken out against the plastic bottle waste created by those carrying around individual bottles. Our system and those with large household, refillable containers are doing better, but still, the fact that the water at the sink is basically undrinkable is a sad state of affairs. New York City, hang on to your treasure of good tasting water.