Storing bottles in Wren is tricky. When three bottles of wine appeared on the floor after Jerry’s trip to town, I found they fit snugly into overhead compartment with my clothes. First thing the next morning, Friday the 9th, while still in bed, I pulled the little cooler box I keep small clothing in out of the compartment and down dropped one of the full wine bottles on top of my good knee. Ouch! It’s just a couple of feet, but blow was enough to take me off the hike planned for that day on Oak Ridge trail between Rte 125 and the park where we’re camping. Icing and ibuprofen with a swim in Lake Dunmore was my plan, and it worked. Beth hiked, Jerry ran errands, and Bess watched squirrels at the campsite.


I was able to hike the next day with no problem and drink the wine that evening.