There is a lot of map gazing when it’s all new territory. We picked up maps of the states at Triple A before leaving Vermont and find them handy to get an overview if nothing else. Also, there are occasions when our devices can’t get online although mostly the IPhone 6 does the trick.


These photos were taken over a week ago before the breakdown in communication outside of Chimle, AZ. We were looking for the campground that is part of the Canyon de Challes National Monument. Spent too long at The Four Corners that day talking to the Navajo vendors and doing some shopping. We do better if we are on the campsite by 4 PM, not so well when we’re still looking for it closer to 5.

The new practice is if we’re looking for something, Jerry drives, I navigate, the dog pretends she’s asleep. This is working much better although sometimes spats between driver and navigator arise. Safety first is our motto so if we’ve missed the turn, we keep going and make a U-turn at some point. This is getting us there the same day we had hoped to arrive.