Wren has four brand-new Firestone tires from Noyes Tire in Burlington – been in business 100 years or so. By Ohio, three weeks later, one back tire was not holding the 80 lb. pressure suggested. In fact, our gauge registered just 40! Finding tire guys was a challenge, so we stopped regularly at air pumps at service stations. Stem valve seemed to be leaking. By Wisconsin, we’d gotten a tire service to get us in, and we left it for two hours. Conclusion was there’s nothing wrong, and we were not┬ácharged.

By the next morning, tire down again. Stopped at tiny town along Mississippi on scenic route 35 and, by asking around, got to small garage in an alley. Guy in business 40 years he said. He sprayed it with water to see the valve leak and loosened then tightened the stem. His theory, maybe something was caught in it, and he’d blown it out. No charge and no guarantee.


Next morning, tire soft again. A friend’s neighbor had a compressor so while we were quite a ways from a garage, Jerry got it back up to speed. Two days later, it’s holding. At some point we’ll find a Firestone dealer and maybe get that stem valve replaced. In the meantime, we hope to meet as friendly folks over this as we have thus far.