Lots of miles so far on this trip and three oil changes.  I think it is important to keep the engine happy.   Maintaining good tire pressure is also important.  But today I will talk about a minor problem and the  result.

When traveling, we use a lot of electronic devices: iPhones, iPads, computers, fit bits, backup-up camera and Tom-Tom.  Thus a lot of use of the cigarette device on the dash.  Thursday when I was switching devices I noticed the lighter was loose, and then it no longer would work.  Need to fix because we are back on the road Saturday.  I stopped at B—e —-ers and asked if this is something they could fix.  After looking at the problem he said yes and then spent 15 minutes figuring out how much to charge for this service.  The part cost was about $6.00 plus labor.

I said OK if you can do it in the next hour. When I returned, the job was done, and the device did work or sort-of.

After I left the repair shop, I stopped at a auto part store and purchased a multiple adapter (3), which also had a usb port.

I’m ready to travel now with a very important addition to satisfy our electronic needs.