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One Useful Item

Two months in the desert this winter led to many fillings and emptying of our water bottles. A thin green scum eventually grows on bottom and lip at the top, but the bottle brush my husband thought to pack in our Wren camper works quickly and thoroughly.

Camping among Giants


This photo was taken at Nisene Marks State Park just south of Santa Cruz in Aptos on a hike with Jerry and Bess. I’m wearing four light-weight layers because the trail we used is quite flat and the day was overcast and in high-fifties only. The Sequoias are loving this cool, damp weather, and I’m loving their deeply-grooved bark, their lofty heights, the green of their needles on the branches, and red of the ones that have fallen at their base to cover the forest floor.

We camped for a week in Big Basin Redwood State Park in the hills outside of Santa Cruz, then moved to a private campground in Felton, CA, among the redwoods for another four nights. Two of those days were rainy, so we got to appreciate days when the sunlight does eventually filter through the crowns of the giants to where we are far below. The young redwoods are a mere 150 feet tall, the elders 300 or so. Those who stay and live among these trees clearly love them and the micro-climate they create for other plants and animals.

Welcome Rattlesnakes


This warning is posted on the office counter at Country Cactus RV Park in Tucson. I read it carefully, twice, and did use a flashlight at night. Did not want to step on a rattler enjoying the warmth of the asphalt after the sun went down or one just passing through. I felt sure I’d survive a bite, but not sure my forty-pound dog Bess would. I did not come across any snakes the week we stayed there.

Fungi Fungi Everywhere


This member of the Amanita family, Concorra, was seen in abundance on the weekly walk at Big Basin Redwoods State Park outside of Santa Cruz, CA., the week before Thanksgiving. I was lucky enough to be camping there that day and on a small group hike of seven hours with three docents from the area. We had the joy of spying so many fungi up after a recent and unusual rain in the coastal redwoods. Sometimes on the road you just hit it right.

Simple Joy of a Camper Kitchen


A tasty sandwich like this with snappy pretzels and real mayonnaise is whipped up in a few minutes without the hassle of cruising for a place to eat, a menu selection and the down time between decision and delivery. Bonus: price is about $2.00 a plate with fresh greens and a pickle. This is liberating!

Getting Ready

OK.  Off to the car shop for state inspection and emission test.  They say everything looks good but there is a slight tear on the seatbelt, not sure how this happens with just 30,000 miles on the clock.  So they want to order a new seatbelt and it will be here on  Friday.  So, then they tell me that if they make a mistake with the order I have to eat it.  I say, that doesn’t seem right. and I go home.  They call me 2 hours later and say the need the numbers off the seat belt and the locking unit.  I use iPhoto on my Apple phone and send them 3 photos.  Friday has passed and not contact, I will call them on Monday and check out the checkers and try to push them along.  Remember I am checking out of this place and will have no fixed address on September 1st.

On a brighter note I had the local service man here today to walk me through the procedure to operate all the gas driven appliances.  I now can operate the gas stove, run the refrigerator with propane gas, and even turn on the device for hot water. He checked all the fitting for leaks and everything is ready to go.  We do have a small drip on a hot water valve and I will have that cleaned or replaced next week.

The tires look good but they are old.  I am researching the best tire to use and the proper tire pressure for front and rear.  Most are saying 60-65 on front and 80 on the rear.  It is very important to keep absolute numbers to avoid porpoising.  Which is kind of like surging right or left as you go down the highway.  It is also important to have the RV weighed and make sure your cargo is evenly placed for a balanced load.  Lots of stuff to learn to make an enjoyable trip.

Jill and I spent the morning cleaning all the cupboards and surface areas.  Jill worked on the inside and I washed out all the outside storage areas and cleaned all the door frames.  The RV has a fresh sparkle, but most of that is because it almost looked brand new when we purchased it.

We are filling.  Everything looks the storage water areas and getting ready to empty the gray and black water storage areas.  We have used a special ingredient to clean the sensors to help give an accurate reading of our on board storage.  Everything looks good.  Time will tell……..